Marben’s successful participation in the San Antonio V2X US DOT plugfest


San Antonio, TX – May 22nd, 2017


Marben Products, leader in V2X software solutions, was proud to participate in the much anticipated USDOT sponsored Plugfest at San Antonio, TX from 8th of May through 12th May 2017.

MARBEN V2X, a ready to deploy V2V, V2I and V2P software solution, has already been adopted by Tier1 Automotive and Road equipment manufacturers looking to develop their complete OBU or RSU solution. Compliant to the latest US and European standards versions, MARBEN V2X has demonstrated performance capable for low latency high processing threat detection safety application.

During the May 2017 USDOT Plugfest, Marben successfully demonstrated V2X integration and has successfully verified the Test Control Interface bench testing on the latest V2X chipsets from Autotalks, NXP and Renesas. Marben has used the latest version of the hardware platform from Auto-talk’s current CRATON2, NXP’s MK5 and Renesas’s R-Car W2H. Marben developed the necessary Test Control Interface (TCI) software modules to perform TCI Bench testing, Inter-op and OBU track testing at the plugfest. Marben has also supported several customer OBU platforms during this critical plugfest who will be part of upcoming CV Pilot programs. Based on the completion of these series of tests, Marben has demonstrated that its V2X software solution is ready to support the upcoming NPRM mandate for V2X deployment and is fully integrated and optimized with the latest V2X hardware platforms.

Marben has successfully tested the latest 2016 standard version of security (1609.2), WSMP (1609.3 and 4), BSM, SPaT, MAP and WSA protocol messages. MARBEN V2X security implementation has been tested and verified against other security implementations during device-to-device interoperability tests as part of the USDOT Plugfest. In addition during the Plugest, Marben V2X security implementation has successfully exchanged signing and verifying messages using the SCMS certificates provided off-line with each participant.

Marben Products has also participated with customer(s) on the THEA test track and has committed unwavering support to customer for the delivery of a final solution for the CV Pilot program.

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