CDR Converter Easily converts any ASN.1 encoded CDR data to XML or CSV format

A Call Detail Record (CDR) is the telecom switch record produced by a telephone exchange that passed through it. It contains information about system usage concerning the call such as the identities of sources (point of origin), the identities of destination (endpoints), the call duration and many other pieces of information used for Marketing, Billing (Hot Billing), Monitoring or Fraud detection.

MARBEN CDR Converter is a very efficient and powerful tool to convert any ASN.1 encoded CDR file into XML or CSV text format. CDR Converter will significantly speed up the integration of new ASN.1 encoded CDR files into your application.

Convert any ASN1 BER encoded file to a text format
CDR Converter Architecture Overview

Conversion to XML or CSV

To process CDR files, operators, system integrators or software suppliers are looking for flexible easy to use solution that can convert ASN.1 encoded CDR files into XML or CSV text format that will ease further processing and analyzing.

Configuration of output format and ASCII/TBCD and HEX/DEC conversion

Thanks to a configuration file, it is easy to tune the format of the generated XML or CSV file to satisfy any specific requirements. You can choose the required columns and specify conversion options for TBCD and ASCII values. You can also convert Hexadecimal into Decimal values.

Support for block size and padding byte

Depending on the network switch, CDRs can be written in a fixed blocks size that are completed with padding bytes at the end of each block to reach the defined block size if necessary. The CDR Converter accepts the block size information and skips padding bytes accordingly. If the block size is not known the CDR Converter can detect it automatically.

Processing of headers

Administration data present in file and message headers can easily be skipped. It can even be done automatically when the CDR file is based on a 3GPP CDR Standard TS 32.297.

Permissive decoding for erroneous CDRs

Errors can have several origins: switches, file transmission, wrong ASN.1 versions etc. Some of the errors are blocking for decoding, some are not. Problems are logged and non-blocking problems are skipped so that decoding is resumed at the next CDR.

Supports any ASN.1 syntax

CDR Converter is able to support, without any additional development, all CDR files compliant to the ASN.1 BER standard.

CDR Converter is a command line tool. It can be run in batch mode. It is available on various hardware/OS platforms as for instance PC Windows, PC Linux and Sun Sparc Solaris or HP Itanium. Click here for an example of use of the MARBEN CDR Converter

Advantages of using MARBEN CDR Converter

The Online CDR Decoder has some restrictions concerning its usage. It may fit the need of decoding and visualization of small projects and values but for bigger projects and a more advance usage the CDR Converter is the appropriate tool.

The following table summarizes the differences between the Online CDR Decoder and CDR Converter.

Online CDR Decoder
CDR Converter
XML Output
CSV Output
Customization of Output
Skip Decoding Errors
Block Size & Padding
File and Message Headers
TBCD and ASCII Conversion
Hexa to Decimal conversion
Input Size<500 KBUnlimited
ASN.1 Compiler
ASN.1 Syntaxes
User ASN.1 Syntaxes
Internet access required
Batch mode
Multiple Files Conversion