Makes the roads safer and greener with MARBEN V2X

ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) are support systems for an efficient and safe use of transport infrastructures. Existing road ITS and driving assistance systems already increase road safety, reduce environmental impact or improve traffic management but additional benefits will come from sharing real-time mobility information between vehicles and vehicles (V2V), between vehicles and road infrastructures (V2I), between vehicles and pedestrians (V2P) or more generally between vehicles and everything (V2X).

Relying on the existing DSRC IEEE 802.11p or on the next coming 5G technologies, MARBEN V2X allows vehicles to detect potential hazards on the road in situation where the existing in-vehicles sensors such as video cameras, radars or lidars cannot. MARBEN V2X allows vehicles to get knowledge of upcoming hazards or traffic conditions that are out of sight. MARBEN V2X significantly increases road safety, optimizes traffic and contributes to greener mobility.

MARBEN V2X: The full-featured Software Solution

Dedicated to automotive and road infrastructure equipment manufacturers, MARBEN V2X offers a complete ready-to-use software solution that will dramatically accelerates the development and the integration of V2X On-Board and Roadside units.

Supported Applications for safer roads

Emergency Vehicle Approaching
Stationary Vehicle
Adverse Weather Warning
Emergency Electronic Brake Lights
Hazardous Location
Traffic Condition(Dangerous end of Queue, Traffic Jam Ahead)
Human Presence on the Road
Forward Collision Warning
Stop Sign Violation Warning
Blind Spot Warning/ Lane Change Warning
Intersection Movement Assist
Left Turn Assist
Red Light Violation Warning
Curve Speed Warning
Icy Road Warning

Main Features

Full Support of US & EU V2X standards

MARBEN V2X fully conforms to the latest versions of the US (SAE/IEEE) and the European (ETSI) V2X standards

Easy-to-use SDK

MARBEN V2X offers user-friendly C++ APIs for a rapid development of new applications.

Security and privacy management

MARBEN V2X supports security and privacy management as specified in IEEE 1609.2 or in ETSI TS 103 097. It also supports US SCMS and European SCOOP@F security PKI.

Efficient and Scalable

Fully scalable to take advantage of multi-core processor architectures, MARBEN V2X is ready for V2X mass deployments.

Flexible and Modular

MARBEN V2X relies on a generic framework that has been designed to implement protocols in a portable and flexible way.

Hardware and Network agnostic

MARBEN V2X is hardware (CPUs, chipsets, HSM), network (802.11p, LTE-V2X, 5G, etc.) agnostic. It can run on most of the available operating systems including Linux, PikeOS, QNX, ThreadX or Android but also in Autosar environment.

Proven Interoperability

Successful participation in V2X interoperability events (US plugfests and Europe plugtests) and field operational tests (FOTs). In-Vehicle testing for all software modules for production readiness accuracy.

Automotive Grade

MARBEN V2X conforms to MISRA C++ coding rules and is Automotive SPICE Compliant.

Modular Architecture

Both E.U. and U.S. protocols and applications are supported. It is possible to build a MARBEN V2X stack that only provides E.U. protocols and applications, or only U.S. protocols and applications, or both (it would be a matter of dynamic configuration to enable one or the other at any given time).

Integration of the MARBEN V2X Stack: GNSS, CAN bus, 802.11p driver, TCP/UDP/IPv6, crypto accelerators and HSM, HMI