OSI protocols have been used in several fields from the management network to the department of defense communication via Air traffic network. Here is some non exhaustive list of product that MARBEN Products has implemented and are still available in our portfolio.

TARP/X.500 registration proxy

TARP/X.500 registration proxy enables the existence of TARP only Network Elements with X.500 based Network Element by allowing auto-population of X.500 databases with TARP based Network Elements information.

For more information, please visit TARP/X.500 registration proxy .


MARBEN OSIAM Network Management provides a complete framework for developing network management applications. It consists of high-performance protocol modules and powerful development tools. They jointly enable system designers to rapidly develop CMIP-based agents or managers, in conformance with TMN standards.

MARBEN OSIAM Network Management includes operation of CMIS (Common Management Information Service) and CMIP (Common Management Information Protocol), as per standards ISO 9595 et 9596.

This offer also includes a Tool Kit for implementing Agent systems from the GDMO description.


Facing the large demand following the end of life of several commercially available OSI TP4 products, Marben Products has released an OSI transport stack binary product: the OSITP4 product is a modular implementation of the fourth layer of the OSI Reference Model and conforms to the relevant ISO Standards.

MARBEN OSITP4 is available on Windows using any Windows NDIS based LAN adapters (support of Windows XP, 200, 2003, 2007 in 32 and 64 bits) and LINUX ( 32 and 64 bits). The product can also be configured with Null Network Layer. In this case the Transport Layer accesses Data Link Layer directly, bypassing the CLNP / ES-IS protocol modules.