Highly powerful ASN.1 Tools for C, C++ and Java

MARBEN ASNSDK TCE supports the latest ASN.1 standards together with ASN.1 PER (both aligned and unaligned), OER, BER, DER and XER (both basic and canonical) encoding rules. It has been designed to satisfy high-level performance requirements. It provides both time optimized and memory optimized ASN.1 encoding/decoding engines that offer the same application programming interface.

All TCE ASN.1 encoders/decoders are fully re-entrant in order to run on multi-threads system. All ASNSDK TCE tools provide ASN.1 to XML Schema (XSD) translator that allows taking benefit from many off-the-shelf XML tools (XML browsers and editors, XSL processors…) to process ASN.1 data.

ASN.1 Tools for C

MARBEN ASNSDK TCE-C provides very fast C API that conform to ANSI and K&R C standards. All runtimes are delivered as portable C source code with an easy-to-use customization mechanism, so that they can run on most of platforms from mainframes to small-embedded systems.

ASN.1 Tools for C++

MARBEN ASNSDK TCE-C++ provides a genuine C++ object API. For each ASN.1 type, the ASN.1 compiler generates a C++ class. To encode or decode an ASN.1 value, the corresponding encoding or decoding method has simply to be called. All runtimes are delivered as portable C++ source code with an easy-to-use customization mechanism, so that they can run on most of platforms.

ASN.1 Tools for Java

MARBEN ASNSDK TCE-Java offers a user-friendly Java API (for each ASN.1 type, the asn.1 compiler generates a java class) together with a Generic and a SAX-like Java APIs. These powerful APIs are very useful for building generic application such as browser, protocol analyzer that have to process data without prior knowledge of their types. TCE-Java runtimes are compatible with Java runtime environment from J2ME CLDC 1.0 to J2EE.