MARBEN Signaling Controller

MARBEN Signaling Controller mainly offers a set of standardized procedures leading to the setup and teardown of calls and connections. It invokes services from the Routing Controller and the Link Resource manager to achieve such a goal.

More precisely MARBEN Signaling Controller supports the following procedures:

  • Call and connection setup, modification (including rerouting) and teardown;
  • Independent (i.e., without any associated connection) call setup and teardown;
  • Call/connection setup crankback;
  • Make-before-break connection rerouting;
  • End-to-end full and preplanned rerouting;
  • Inter-area routing using loose hops and exclude route.

Both unidirectional and bidirectional connections are supported. Note that call management is either handled in conformance with the OIF/ITU-T specifications or in conformance with the IETF specifications.

Hereafter the example of the interactions between the signaling controllers and the external components for the call connection setup at the ingress Node:

Interactions between MARBEN GMPLS Controllers