MARBEN ASN.1 Tools Overview

ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) is a powerful technology defined to exchange data between heterogeneous systems. ASN.1 is widely used in various telecommunication applications and more and more in other areas, where efficient data communication is required such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), intelligent transportation, banking...

For over three decades, MARBEN Products provides worldwide ASN.1 solutions. Our World class ASN.1 tools enjoy a solid reputation for portability and robustness, with the capability to meet the performance and reliability requirements of telecom applications.

Our ASN.1 tools support the latest ASN.1 standards together with a complete set of ASN.1 encoding rules (PER both aligned and unaligned, OER, BER, DER, XER both basic and canonical).

They are widely used in various telecommunications applications such as 5G NR (gNB, RRC), 4G/LTE (eNodeB, RRC, S1AP, X2AP), UMTS (RANAP, NBAP...), GSM, Intelligent Network, Billing (CDRs, TAP3...), Network Management, Aeronautical & Aerospace Telecommunication Network, Automotive(V2X, ITS, eCall, NGTP), Smartcard, Security (PKCS, PKIX, Certificate..), Banking, and many other applications.

Development Tools

MARBEN ASNSDK TCE (ASN.1 Software Development Kit) provides powerful ASN.1 development tools that speed up the development and the validation of ASN.1 based applications, thus, reducing significantly the time to market. It provides different options especially designed to satisfy high performance needs.

It includes an ASN.1 Compiler together with time and memory optimized ASN.1 PER, UPER, OER, COER, BER, DER, XER and CXER runtimes providing C, C++ or Java application programming interface. It also provides XML/XSD features.

Debugging and Visual Display Tools

MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor is a graphical tool that allows the visual display of any ASN.1 encoded data without developing software. It allows to create or modify ASN.1 values in a friendly manner and to encode those ASN.1 values using any of the ASN.1 encoding rules. The ASN.1 Value Editor encompasses an ASN.1 compiler that checks the syntax and the semantic of your ASN.1 description and supports the ASN.1 BER, DER, PER, UPER, XER and CXER encoding rules.

Convert any ASN.1 files into ASCII

MARBEN ASN.1 CDR Converter is a command line Java tool that allows the conversion of any ASN.1 encoded files into a text file format. The generated output can be a XML or CSV file (Comma-Separated Values). Fields mapping can be customized. Ready to run and easy to use, CDR Converter offers the fastest and simplest method to record CDRs (Call Data Records) into a Billing System Database.

Online ASN.1 Decoders

MARBEN ASN.1 Decoders is a set of online decoders for decoding and conversion of ASN.1 encoded data to XML. No application development or installation is required. Just supply the raw data and choose the corresponding ASN.1 syntax. The decoding result is returned in XML format. The decoders are available on the Marben Products web site. Online decoders for the following application domains are available: 5G NR, 4G LTE, 3G UMTS, CDR, Automotive, Security and Intelligent Networks. This service is 100% free of charge.