MARBEN DiamX Gateway

As Mobile broadband keeps growing apace with 4G/LTE/5G changes, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) are looking for ways to keep profitability and reuse most of the technologies that they develop over the years such as Online Charging Server (OCS) or Policy Control Functions. Policy in its general scope includes authorization authentication, Charging and Quality of service. Diameter is without a doubt now the standardized interface for such functions: 4G/LTE/5G has elected it and a smooth migration should be the only concerns for keeping network agile.

Marben proposes a software solution dedicated to run any hardware or cloud infrastructure to cope with such new challenge of manipulating Diameter session instead of proprietary ones. MARBEN DiamX Gateway solves the Mediation between Diameter based interfaces from EPC or 4G/LTE/5G equipment and legacy systems with former protocols (MAP, LDAP, CAMEL) or new platform e.g. OCS or PCRF.

Diameter Gateway solves the Mediation between Diameter based interfaces and legacy systems
MARBEN DiamX Gateway Advantages

MARBEN DiamX Gateway solves:

  • Diameter Translation: robust and reliable Diameter Agent translation from any Diameter interface to HTTP rest connectivity;
  • Short time to deploy: no need for a long list of Diameter experts to configure and run it. Trust your team to gain the know-how to quickly enable Diameter connectivity;
  • Carrier Grade Ready: as nicely built software and thanks to a TPS or unlimited use licensing model, DiamX Gateway is scalable, works on a small virtual container to a fully redundant distributed servers, from few to hundred thousand TPS;
  • Interoperability: ten years of experience running Diameter in the field in front of all major vendors.

Use cases

Use Case 1: This Call Control use case describes how to control the flow of diameter message using an external call control application. In this use case, DiamX Gateway is configured in Notify and Interrupt mode, where it rejects any "Ex2R" messages received.

DiamX Gateway- Call Control
DiamX Gateway- Call Control

Use Case 2: This Network Splitting use case describes describes how to conceal Local Identity behind firewall. In this use case, DiamX Gateway uses firewall identity(Realm = Firewall1Realm, Host = Firewall1Host, IP = while communicating with the client thus hiding its own identity behind firewall.

DiamX Gateway- Network Splitting
DiamX Gateway- Network Splitting