IS-IS is an intra-domain routing protocol widely used especially in DCN optical network. Besides the classic advantages of other routing protocols (e.g. dynamic, adatative, loop free...), IS-IS has the ability to perform both OSI and IP (IPv4 and IPv6) routing. This is very convenient considering the current process of migration from OSI to IP that implies the mix of IP and OSI routers into the DCN. Benefiting from long lasting experience in the field, ISIS has been elected by IETF as a GMPLS protocol and thus becomes a reference for next generation control plane.


MARBEN IS-IS implementation is used by most of the major optical manufacturers in DCN equipment. This unrivalled solution is thus naturally interoperable with all known equipment running ISIS in the optical DCN.

The key features are:

  • Support of all main features of OSI (ISO 10589) functions including the partition repair function;
  • Support IPv4 functions (RFC 1195);
  • Support of Auto encapsulation IPv4 over CLNP and CLNP over IPv4 in conformance with ITU-T G.7712;
  • Support of extra TLVs in LSPs for Traffic Engineering;
  • Support of IPv6;
  • Path computation with shortest path first algorithm;
  • IP routing table update;
  • Three-way handshake.