ASN.1 Value Editor
Visualize any ASN.1 Encoding in a Few Clicks!

MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor, an easy-to-use graphical tool, allows you encoding, decoding, modifying and exporting any ASN.1 values without developing any software. In a few clicks, you can easily create or visualize any ASN.1 value in a user-friendly format. No need to be ASN.1 expert to interpret the data.

MARBEN ASN1 Value Editor: Decode a file

ASN.1 Value Editor: examples of usage

User-friendly GUI

In few clicks, you will be able to decode, create, edit, modify and encode any file containing ASN.1 messages even the most complex. ASN.1 values are displayed in a comfortable tree view. You can easily edit and modify the values. You can use copy/paste and append capabilities (offered by the tool) to add new fields in an existing value or to add new messages in the file. The info panel gives you all the ASN.1 type features of the field that you have selected.

Easy Encoding and Decoding

To encode a value, you just have to choose the ASN.1 syntax and the encoding rules that you want to use. The encoding result is then stored in a file and displayed in the "Encoded Value" panel at the bottom of the screen.

To decode values, you just have to choose the ASN.1 syntax and the encoding rules that you want to use. The decoded values are then displayed in the main panel using a tree representation.

Immediate Validation of ASN.1 and Encodings

The MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor includes an ASN.1 Compiler together with a set of PER, BER, DER and XER ASN.1 Runtimes. So, the ASN.1 Value Editor checks the syntax and the semantic of your ASN.1 description and provides user-friendly mechanism to precisely locate the potential errors. It also provides an immediate validation of any new value entered with regards to the ASN.1 type and associated constraints. This immediate validation will save you a lot of time to locate the erroneous value.

Detailed Information for Types and Values

MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor displays various useful information for types and values: constraints, optionality, encoding lengths and bit offsets. With the calculated minimum and maximum encoding length it is easy to predict minimum and maximum encoding sizes of a type and a value.


MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor perfectly integrates in daily work. It is easy to exchange data between MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor and office applications like mail or text. The hierarchical value can be copied in XML format; data can be copied in hexadecimal or bit format.

Automatic Value Creation

You can easily select the type of the message that you want to create by browsing a list of all possible messages of the ASN.1 syntax. At the creation of the value, all the ASN.1 mandatory fields are automatically initialized. You can also set some preferences in the tool to automatically create and initialize ASN.1 optional fields and to automatically instantiate a defined number of elements in a SEQUENCE OF or SET OF ASN.1 type.

Advanced Open Type Support

The definition and creation of open types requires advanced knowledge about ASN.1 and is not always straightforward. In order to ease the usage of open types, MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor offers several ways for their definition: They can be specified by setting the values of the target @notations or by selecting the open type from a list of all available types which then sets automatically the corresponding values for the target @notation.

Powerful Encoding and Decoding

64-bit and Huge Integers

MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor supports integers of any size, 32-bit, 64-bit or even larger.

Powerful CDR and TAP3 Decoding

MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor comes with a powerful support for CDR and TAP3 files for opening files of any size. When CDR files are organized in blocks, padding bytes are skipped and decoding is continued at the next block. File or messages headers can be skipped manually or automatically (for 3GPP only).

Permissive Decoding

In order to reduce data loss due to erroneous encodings, MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor uses permissive decoding for skipping wrongly encoded fields and resuming decoding just after the error. This is particular useful for CDR and TAP 3 files containing billing data.

BER Analyzer

Decoding an ASN.1 value without the corresponding ASN.1 syntax is not possible. However, when the value is encoded in BER, MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor is able to analyze it and return information about tags, lengths and values (TLV)

Export to CSV

CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a common format for storage of data and supported in many applications. Especially, it is suitable for most database loader utilities. MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor can directly convert encoded or decoded files and messages to CSV. The output can easily be customized to fit application requirements: columns can be deleted or rearranged. The format of data can be converted to ASCII or from TBCD during CSV export.

Increased Efficiency

Ready-To-Use ASN.1 Syntaxes

MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor includes precompiled/ready-to-use standard ASN.1 descriptions coming from various standardization organizations such as 3GPP, ETSI, ITU-T, GSAM, ECMA, IETF and NGTP.

Included Mobile Telecom Standard Support

The tool support all 2G/3G/4G/5G (GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G NR) 3GPP ASN.1 interfaces: TS 36331 (RRC), 36413 (S1AP), 36423 (X2AP), 25433 (NBAP), 25331 (RRC), 25413 (RANAP), 25423 (RNSAP), 25419 (SABP).

Improves ROI

As the time to market is crucial for getting a rapid ROI on a software development, the MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor gives you the capital advantage to significantly reduce the integration/validation time and cost of your ASN.1 based application and to easily process any large ASN.1 encoded file such as ASN.1 CDRs files.

Advantages of using MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor

The Online ASN.1 Decoder has some restrictions concerning its usage. It may fit the need of decoding and visualization of small projects and values but for bigger projects and a more advance usage the ASN.1 Value Editor is the appropriate tool.

The following table summarizes the differences between the Online ASN.1 Decoder and the ASN.1 Value Editor.

Online ASN.1 Decoder
ASN.1 Value Editor
Internet access required
Graphical User Interface
User interface complexityLowMedium
ASN.1 knowledge requiredNot requiredBasic
ASN.1 Decoder
ASN.1 Encoder
ASN.1 Compiler
BER Analyzer
Bitwise Inspection
Hexadecimal Inspection
Message Creation
Number of PDUs1Unlimited
Input Size<500 KBUnlimited
XML Output
CSV output
Message Size Calculation
Block Size & Padding
Search / Replace / Compare / Filter
ASN.1 Value creation and edition
Check of correctness of ASN.1 value
Copy/paste in XML format
Copy binary encoding
Included ASN.1 interfaces from...see website3GPP, ETSI, ITU-T, ECMA, IETF
User ASN.1 Syntaxes
Supported ASN.1 syntaxessee websiteAll
Supported encoding rulessee websiteBER, DER, PER, UPER, XER, CXER
(*) Free trial version has restrictions and is time-limited.

MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor is the essential tool
for accelerating the release of your ASN.1 based application.

System Requirements

MARBEN ASN.1 Value Editor is available on:

  • PC Windows
  • Most Linux distribution (RedHat, Suse, Mandriva, Ubuntu, Fedora...)

Requires Oracle Java 2 version 1.4 or later.