MARBEN DiamX Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) And Stack Development Kit

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Networks Operators (MVNOs) and Service providers around the world are deploying 4G/LTE and 5G to address big data usage, to provide new services and to generate new revenues. Mobile subscribers require stable and continuous access to all their applications from any location. Contrary to 2G or 3G networks, 4G/LTE and 5G networks uses next generation IP-based signaling protocols such as Diameter that creates interoperability, efficiency and reliability challenges. In such fast moving and competitive market, Marben offers a reliable carrier grade DiamX Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) product line. It is focused on supporting the IMS/EPC market players by reducing their time-to-market requirement and constraint budget. It provides them with interoperable solution to quickly interconnect their equipment or applications to the IMS and the new signaling Network. Marben also keeps releasing its widely deployed Diameter stacks and its test tools.

Diameter Gateway

MARBEN DiamX Gateway is an efficient Diameter enabler for interfacing any OCS (Online Charging System) or PCRF/PCEF with a diameter interface without having knowledge of Diameter Protocol Stack. Carrier grade with a complete OAM to easily configure routes/peers/applications and monitor statistics to define scalability, this product is a quick turn on that runs on a dedicated hardware or any virtual environment and containers in front of your existing systems. It translates, converts and forwards your Diameter flows into HTTP or legacy protocols without any development.

Diameter Router

MARBEN DiamX Router is a Carrier Grade DRA/DEA router to manage congestion and traffic management in the full IP signaling network, to dynamically Discover Routes and to manage the connectivity with other EPC/IMS realms for 4G/LTE-5G roaming with a good tradeoff between security and OPEX burst. Simple, Secure and Highly Scalable router supports over thousands of messages per second on a Single Cluster configuration.

Diameter Stacks

MARBEN DiamX Stacks are fast, robust and efficient implementations of the Diameter Protocol and of more than 40 of the Diameter based interfaces specified by standard bodies involved in the IMS and NGN design. There are two MARBEN DiamX Stacks products:
  • MARBEN Java Diameter, a native Java implementation targeted at the large number of telecom products developed and running in a native Java environment. It extends the benefits of the Java experience to the use of the Diameter protocol, especially in bringing platform-independence, easy development and extensibility.
  • MARBEN C++ Diameter, a C++ implementation particularly well adapted for core-network and capacity demanding equipment;
MARBEN DiamX Stacks are ready-to-integrate software that will allow you to rapidly tick the Diameter conformance items in the IMS architecture requirements. Their high level object oriented APIs make it possible to add Diameter Authorization or Accounting with minimal development effort. Marben DiamX stacks help you getting a crucial competitive advantage by shortening your time to market and enabling you to focus on your product specific value proposition.

Diameter Test Tools

MARBEN HSS Emulator is an end-user easy to use IMS test enabling tool implementing HSS functions. With MARBEN HSS Emulator, IMS/NGN service developers or IMS solution integrators can equip their testing environment with a powerful, complete, IMS standard compliant Authentication and profile management server offering extended debugging help at a fraction of the cost of a commercial HSS. Marben has a great expertise in Seagull Open source. Marben provides professional services and consultancy in the scope of any Diameter test bench based on Seagull.