What is SONET/SDH ?

Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) represents the unified approach by the Regional Bell Operating Companies in the US and Public Telephone providers in Europe to provide transport networks with fiber-optic.
The designator "SONET" is used in the US marketplace while "SDH" is typically used in Europe. So SONET and SDH are almost identical standards dedicated to transport the data over optical networks.
This non-proprietary technology spans a variety of advantages including interoperability, reduced cost, vastly increased bandwidth, fault tolerance and new services support.

The Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAM&P) of SONET/SDH networks rely on the Telecommunication Management Network architecture (TMN) as defined by the ITU. SONET and SDH network elements are managed by using TL1 and/or CMISE protocols on the Data Communication Network (DCN).

With the MARBEN SONET/SDH Protocol Suite, MARBEN Products provides you the complete framework to implement the DCN.

MARBEN OSIAM protocol suite for SONET/SDH

Based on the MARBEN OSI Protocol Suite for legacy equipment and/or on the MARBEN OSI/IP migration for new network elements, the SONET/SDH Protocol Suite adds key components as defined by Bellcore standards and Network and Services Integration Forum (NSIF) recommendations :

  • TARP/TL1

    TARP solves address resolution between TL1 (Bellcore Transaction Language 1) naming conventions and OSI NSAP addresses as well as additional functions. The OSIAM TARP/TL1 package is the perfect add-on to standard seven layer OSI stack for providing a fully operationnal SONET/TL1 stack. This package can be further completed with the OSIAM TL1 tester.

  • ASNI T1.245 Protocol Suite

    ASNI T1.245 Protocol Suite implements the fully compliant mechanism to reconfigure or discover dynamically NE as well as a reliable solution for looking up and updating NE information.

    For more information, please visit ANSI T1.245 Protocol Suite.

  • FTAM

    The MARBEN FTAM toolkit is an ISO 8571 conformant FTAM software package that enables rapid development of a complete FTAM application. With its excellent performance due to the tight integration with underlying MARBEN OSIAM stack and its smallest code size, MARBEN FTAM supports most of the industry standard as FTAM1(unstructured text) , FTAM2(sequential text), FTAM3(unstructured binary) and NB59 directory file name.