MARBEN Translation Devices

The MARBEN SONET/SDH Protocol suite includes fully compliant implementations of the TL1 Translation device and of the File Transfer Translation device. These components that are fully integrated with the underlying protocols provide small foot print and best performances thanks to on-the-fly conversions. The T-TD and FT-TD functions are usually located in the GNE itself. The MARBEN implementation of a FT-TD gateway conforms with [NSIF-033-1999]. It mainly consists in a gateway bundling an FTAM responder and an FTP client allowing FTAM initiators to store or retrieve files from an FTP server. Most of today SONET NEs implementing a FTAM initiator function, this gateway is the perfect tool to manage SONET NEs from a TCP/IP access DCN. Indeed, a FT-TD is the usual companion of a T-TD, allowing to trigger a file transfer from a remote NE, such commands are typically sent to the remote NE through a T-TD.