USDOT Connected Vehicle PlugFest (Palo Alto, California)

  June 24-26, 2014   Marben Products will participate in the Connected Vehicle PlugFest event organized by the U.S. Department of Transportation. PlugFests are events during which devices are tested for interoperability with emerging standards. For this event, Marben will be providing its V2X Software Solution to demonstrate its efficiency and interoperability capabilities with a[…]

LTE World Summit (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

  June 23-25, 2014   Marben will exhibit at LTE World Summit, the world’s leading 4G event, in Amsterdam. Marben will highlight its scalable, hardware agnostic and cost-effective Diameter Gateway and Diameter Router Solutions for MNOs, MVNEs, MVNOs and IPX providers. Marben will also present its recent successes in launching DiamX Signaling Solution with interworking[…]