MARBEN Network Emulator

Test and validation is a key point of OSI network solutions development, the MARBEN Network Emulator helps for:

  • checking the correct behavior of your own networking applications or networking systems;
  • reproducing and fixing interoperability issues;
  • Replaying and fixing network failures.

Available on Unix and Linux systems, the Network Emulator is based on the MARBEN OSIAM protocol suites as ES-IS, ISIS, TARP, CNLP and simulates complete and true protocol stacks on large network topologies. Connecting your equipment to the Network Emulator allows you to integrate it in a large topology avoiding usage of real and expensive equipment.

The Network Emulator provides the following features:

  • Hundred of nodes supported per simulator;
  • imulation of QoS characteristics related to the transmission of data (Transit Delay, PDU disordering);
  • Simulation of QoS characteristics related to error rates (Data loss and corruption, replication);
  • Link cut or system shutdown.

Its open architecture allows also OSIAM customers to validate their applications based on OSIAM protocol stacks.