Marben to Showcase V2X Contribution to Smarter, Safer and Greener Transportation

Marben announces the availability of MARBEN V2X software solution working in conjunction with the NXP RoadLINK™ chipset.


Las Vegas (PRWEB) – January 5, 2015


Marben Products SAS, the leading provider of V2X (Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) software solutions, announces the availability of its Application, Facility and Network software solution working in conjunction with the NXP RoadLINK™ chipset.

The recent NHTSA decision to move forward with Vehicle-to Vehicle technology for light vehicles in the US is a significant breakthrough towards large scale deployments. Similar initiatives have been launched in Europe – for example, the Netherlands, German and Austrian governments agreed to create a V2X corridor spanning the three nations, and the French government’s SCOOP@F project to add V2X communication technology to 3,000 vehicles and 2,000 km of roads.

As part of this dynamic trend, and flushed with major successes already in 2014, Marben is excited that its V2X Application, Facility and Network software is working in combination with the NXP RoadLINK™ 802.11p chipset, which offers a highly flexible and efficient solution for addressing the Car-to-Car and Car-to-Infrastructure market requirements.

MARBEN V2X offers a complete, ready-to-use, hardware agnostic and highly efficient software solution integrating road safety applications and new in-vehicle mobility services.

As Michel Perin, Marben sales & marketing director, points out, “Our V2X software solution addresses both the US (SAE/IEEE standards) and the European (ETSI ITS/Car 2 Car Day1 applications) market requirements. Moreover, Marben has set-up a strong eco-system with all the 802.11p DSRC chipset manufacturers and hardware security module providers to ensure a fast integration of our software solution into customers’ unique hardware platforms. With already major successes with OEMs and Tier1 equipment manufacturers, MARBEN V2X is the trusted complete software solution for V2X OBU and RSU field deployments.”

About V2X technology

Direct communication with V2X-capable vehicles and intelligent infrastructure, such as intelligent road signs, gives drivers advanced warning of upcoming hazards over long distances and even beyond the driver’s line of sight. V2X-capable vehicles also automatically recognize the operating cycle of traffic lights. V2X technology therefore ideally complements existing driver assistance systems such as cameras or radar and has the potential to make road transport much safer and smoother than it is today. V2X communication does not rely on cellular networks, the latency of which is not compatible with road safety critical applications, but uses IEEE 802.11p, a communication standard tailored especially to the needs of the automotive industry. Direct communication between road users and infrastructure ensures the instant and secure transmission of traffic and vehicle data.

About Marben Products

Marben Products is the trusted global leader delivering robust communication software for the telecommunication and the automotive market. Selected by top OEMs and Tier 1 equipment manufacturers, Marben delivers robust and efficient solutions to help our customers significantly reduce their time to market and optimize total cost of ownership. MARBEN V2X provides a complete ready-to-use software solution for rapid development of V2X equipment, integrating road safety applications and new in-vehicle mobility services. MARBEN V2X software solution addresses both the US and the European market requirements. Marben has set-up a strong eco-system with the 802.11p chipset manufacturers and security solution providers all around the world to accelerate our customers’ time to market. Further information is available on the Internet at