Autotalks, Marben and Navya Showcase V2X for Self-driving Vehicles

FR-Bordeaux (PRWEB) – October 06, 2015

The demonstration presents how V2X communication technology can significantly improve and secure driverless vehicles that operate on open roads.

Autotalks, a leading supplier of automotive-grade V2X communication processors and RF transceivers, Marben Products SAS, the leading provider of V2X – Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure – software solution, and Navya, an innovative self-driving and electric vehicle supplier, are very excited to partner at ITS World Congress 2015 in Bordeaux to showcase V2X technology key contribution towards autonomous vehicles.

The demonstration, taking place outdoors, presents how the communication of Vehicles and traffic lights based on DSRC 802.11p technology, can significantly improve and secure driverless vehicles that operate on open roads. Three brand new Navya vehicles are autonomously transporting delegates from the exhibition center to the congress center over a 1.5km distance. MARBEN V2X software together with Autotalks V2X hardware devices allows Navya vehicles to get the signal phase broadcasted by the traffic lights spread over the trail thus securing the crossing of intersection. Communication between vehicles and intelligent infrastructure, allows vehicles to get knowledge of upcoming hazards or traffic conditions that are out of sight. V2X communication technology therefore contributes new valuable data to those collected by existing driver assistance systems such as cameras, radar or lidar.

V2X technology provides solutions that not only contribute to a safer and greener mobility, but also pave the way for autonomous vehicles” says Michel Perin, Marben Sales & Marketing director. “V2X allows vehicles to detect potential hazards on the road in situation where the existing in-vehicles sensors such as video cameras, radars or lidars cannot. Combined with sensors, V2X will make the operation of self-driving cars safer.” MARBEN V2X is a complete software solution supporting both the US and the European V2X profiles. It is hardware agnostic (CPUs, 802.11p chipsets, Hardware Security Modules) and can run on most of the available operating systems including Linux, QNX, ThreadX or Android. By embedding security and privacy management, offering user-friendly APIs and pre-defined set of road safety and traffic optimization applications, MARBEN V2X dramatically accelerates the development and the integration of V2X On-Board and Roadside units as was proved by the quick integration with Autotalks’ chipset.

Due to the unique, otherwise unavailable, information introduced by V2X technology, V2X will naturally play a key role in any fusion system for vehicle actuation.” says Ram Shallom, Autotalks Director of Marketing. “With that in mind, Autotalks V2X solution was carefully designed to meet the rigorous reliability requirements for sensor-fusion systems and autonomous vehicles. Other than a high level of hardware and software qualification, Autotalks is the only to apply a wholistic uncompromised V2X security approach, understanding that V2X security, reliability and safety are tightly coupled. Autotalks is powering all market segments involving V2X with its unrivaled V2X solution, and is excited to power the forefront of autonomous driving development.

About Autotalks Ltd.

Autotalks enables the Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (collectively V2X) communication revolution by providing automotive qualified VLSI solutions, containing the entire ECU functionality. The unique technology of Autotalks addresses all key V2X challenges: communication reliability, wholistic security, positioning accuracy and vehicle installation. Autotalks ready and mature solution is used in series production units reaching the market from 2015 on. Autotalks and STMicroelectronics have formed a strategic partnership for the V2X market, and are working to produce a mass market-optimized second-generation V2X chipset. Autotalks is a privately held company with strong venture capital backing. Find out more at

About Marben Products

Marben Products is the trusted global leader delivering robust and scalable communication software for the telecommunication, the transportation and the automotive market. Selected by top OEMs and Tiers1 equipment manufacturers, Marben delivers reliable and efficient solutions to help our customers significantly reduce their time to market and optimizing total cost of ownership. MARBEN V2X provides a complete ready-to-use software solution for rapid development of V2X equipment. MARBEN V2X supports both the European, the North American and Korean market requirements. Marben is the worldwide leader of V2X software with an objective of at least 20 millions new cars with “Marben inside” each year starting 2020. Find out more at

About Navya Technology

NAVYA is a Lyon and Paris-based company that develops driverless vehicles for the specific site transportation of goods and people. The company has established itself as a specialist in the field, renowned for using the complex technology that is a combination of software expertise, automobile construction and advanced techniques in navigation, geolocation and telecommunication.
With more than ten years’ experience in designing and producing driverless vehicles, Navya has developed numerous original prototypes that have been tested in many countries, proving that reliable, safe and clean driverless vehicles are a very real possibility. October 2015 will mark the launch of the new NAVYA ARMA, the manufacturer’s first driverless production vehicle. Find out more at