MARBEN DiamX Java Stack v8.0 release

This release of the Diameter Signaling Java stack introduces:

  • new 3GPP S15 Release 11 Diameter interface
  • support of 3GPP Release 11 version for Gx, Gxx, Ro and Rx interfaces
  • full support of SCTP
  • support of multiple type of transport (TCP, TLS and SCTP)
  • compliance with RFC 6733
  • support of some security features (toppology hiding, encryption)

This section presents what's new in MARBEN DiamX Java Stack release 8.0 with regards to the MARBEN DiamX Java Stack v7.0 release.

This release introduces 3GPP S15 interface, support of 3GPP Release 11, security enhancements, SCTP enhancements, multiple transport instantiation and RFC6733 compliance
MARBEN DiamX Java Stack v8.0 Components Overview

New Diameter Interfaces

MARBEN Java Diameter supports new Diameter interfaces and applications.

New 3GPP Diameter interfaces:

3GPP S15
This reference point is defined between the HNB GW and the PCRF and between the HNB GW and the V-PCRF. It enables provisioning and removal of dynamic QoS rules from the (V-) PCRF to the BPCF for the purpose of allocation and release of QoS resources in the Fixed Broadband Access Network for HNB CS calls.

Release 11

MARBEN Java Diameter features 3GPP release 11 versions of the following 3GPP interfaces formerly supported in their 3GPP release 10 version:

  • 3GPP Gx interface as per 3GPP TS 29.212 v.11.10.0 - Sep. 2013
  • 3GPP Gxx interface as per 3GPP TS 29.212 v.11.10.0 - Sep. 2013
  • 3GPP Ro interfaces as per 3GPP TS 32.299 v.11.9.1 - Oct. 2013
  • 3GPP Rx interface as per 3GPP TS 29.214 v.11.10.0 - Sep. 2013


MARBEN Java Diameter supports the SCTP transport protocol:

  • multi-streaming feature
  • multi-homing feature
  • set properties that are available in Java 1.7 SCTP API
This features requires SCTP to be available in Java, i.e. in its 1.7 version.

Multiple transport

MARBEN Java Diameter supports multiple types of transport at the same time, i.e. TCP, TLS and SCTP.

The transport selection is linked to the analyze of the DiameterURI, either when creating Diameter listening point or Diameter routes.

At Diameter routes creation, MARBEN Java Diameter is able to change transport to use according to server transport availability.

RFC 6733

MARBEN Java Diameter complies with RFC 6733.

The list of enhancements linked to the new RFC is the following:

  • Default secured port which differs between RFC 3588 and RFC 6733.
  • Priority rule regarding Redirect-Host-Usage when multiple routes are cached for a same destination in Diameter client application
  • TLS is established before CER/CEA messages exchange, Inband-Security AVP is not sent anymore
  • Alternative route: MARBEN Diameter provides means to choose an alternative route is case a peer is too busy or in case of loop detection.
Note: capabilities update in not supported in this release


MARBEN Java Diameter provides the following security features:

  • Encryption of Proxy-State AVP included in Proxy-Info grouped AVP in case of relay and proxy agent implementation
  • Topology hiding driven by the user application when messages are managed by the user application in case of relay or proxy agent