ASN.1 Value Editor
Version 2.2 enhancements

This section presents the new services and the improvements added to the ASN.1 Value Editor v2.1 release.

New editions for the ASN.1 Value Editor

The ASN.1 Value Editor is now available in different editions and with a different set of features. The name of the edition is displayed in the title of the main window of the ASN.1 Value Editor.

All editions allow to decode and modify values using BER, DER, PER (aligned and unaligned) and XER (basic and canonical) encoding rules. All precompiled/ready-to-use standard ASN.1 descriptions can be used.

The Professional Edition has no limitations. Files having several thousands and millions of messages, like CDR files, can be created, decoded, modified and encoded.

The Viewer Edition allows to decode and visualize only one message. If a file contains more than one message, only the first message is decoded. TAP3 decoding is not available in the Viewer Edition. Encoding is not available.

The Free Trial is time-limited and does not reflect all the capabilities of the standard product.

Expand of ASN.1 values

Up to the previous version of the ASN.1 Value Editor, the ASN.1 value has not been expanded automatically when it was shown in the right panel of the central window. The new version of the ASN.1 Value Editor introduces a new feature to expand the whole ASN.1 value when it is opened.

For this, a new option in Preferences-Value Editor has been added. By default, this option is not enabled. If the user wants to expand systematically the whole ASN.1 value, this option has to be selected.

Note: On big ASN.1 values, it can be long to open the complete value.

Copy/Paste in XML format

The previous release of the ASN.1 Value Editor already supported different features for the copy/paste function. It was possible to copy a complete ASN.1 value as well as it was possible to copy ASN.1 types inside an ASN.1 value.

With this release, the ASN.1 Value Editor supports also the copy/paste feature with external text-based applications like mail clients, text editors and so on. ASN.1 values can easily be copied from the ASN.1 Value Editor and pasted in XML format in another application.

Display of erroneous ASN.1 values

Erroneous ASN.1 values with a red icon were not shown in decoded format in the previous version of the ASN.1 Value Editor. Only the hexadecimal format of the erroneous was shown.

Version v2.2 of the ASN.1 Value Editor displays now erroneous ASN.1 values in decoded format.

Note: Error recovery is not always possible. Therefore it is possible that the shown erroneous value and the according error location do not correspond to the real encoding problem. The user should be careful when using this information for other purposes.

Binary file for ASN.1 Value Editor

On Windows, the ASN.1 Value Editor is now started by using an executable file ASN1VE.exe. Now, it can easily be found in the task manager.

New ASN.1 standard syntaxes

This release is delivered with new and updated versions of precompiled and ready-to-use ASN.1 standard syntaxes. This includes in particular ASN.1 syntaxes for UMTS and LTE from 3GPP.