ANSI T1.245 Protocol Suite

ANSI T1.245 uses X.500 Directory for looking up and updating information involved in the management communications within the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) and the Synchronous Optical Networks (SONET). It defines a Registration Request Protocol (RRP) based on network routing messages in order to dynamically discover or reconfigure Network Elements. An ANSI T1.245 compliant Network Element is therefore able to have access to a Directory Server to read pieces of network management information or to enter/refresh items related to its own configuration.

The OSIAM ANSI T1.245 protocol suite consists of a Registration Manager (RM) and a Registration Agent (RA) which communicate as described on the figure below.

Additionally, the OSIAM implementation of a Registration Agent is able to act as a Directory User Agent (or DUA). It supports most of the Directory Access Protocol (DAP) operations defined by X.500 protocols (search, add, delete, modify,..).

This package can be further completed by the TARP/X.500 registration proxy.