Marben Shows its V2X Software on the Latest NXP RoadLINKTM Chipset at the ITS World Congress

FR-Bordeaux (PRWEB) – October 05, 2015

The ITS Demo shows how MARBEN V2X software together with NXP RoadLINK chipset can dramatically improve road safety and reduce traffic congestion.

Marben Products SAS, the leading provider of V2X – Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure – software solution, will present an ITS demo with NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI), a global technology leader for the secure connected car. The demo shows at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux how their best-of-breed, field-proven, V2X technologies can dramatically improve road safety and reduce traffic congestion.

Marben is enthusiastic to show how MARBEN V2X software together with NXP RoadLINKTM 802.11p RF transceiver (TEF5x00, SAF5x00) and hardware security module (SXA1700) offer a high flexible and efficient solution for addressing the Car-to-Car and Car-to-Infrastructure market requirements. At NXP booth and on the NXP outdoor demonstration trail, delegates will see applications showing how connected vehicles can interact in real-time and warn drivers about upcoming road hazards before they get into their field of vision.

NXP RoadLINKTM chips provide fast, accurate and reliable communication to and from the vehicle. RoadLINK chip enables OBU (On-Board-Unit) or RSU (RoadSide Units) Equipment Manufacturers to utilize a unique software-defined radio approach, to deploy global solutions based on a single hardware platform with end-of-line configurability. On the other hand, MARBEN V2X offers complete, ready-to-use, hardware agnostic and highly efficient software solution to reduce the development time line and accelerate the time to market of V2X equipment.

MARBEN V2X software solution addresses both the European, North American and Korean market requirements,” says Michel Perin, Marben Sales & Marketing director. “It has been designed to satisfy V2X demanding performance, reliability and robustness requirements. MARBEN V2X can run on most of the available operating systems including Linux, QNX, ThreadX or Android. By embedding security and privacy management, offering user-friendly APIs and pre-defined sets of road safety and traffic optimisation applications, MARBEN V2X is the trusted complete software solution for V2X Onboard (OBUs) and Roadside (RSUs) field deployments.

About Marben Products

Marben Products is the trusted global leader delivering robust and scalable communication software for the telecommunication, the transportation and the automotive market. Selected by top OEMs and Tiers1 equipment manufacturers, Marben delivers reliable and efficient solutions to help our customers significantly reduce their time to market and optimizing total cost of ownership. MARBEN V2X provides a complete ready-to-use software solution for rapid development of V2X equipment. MARBEN V2X supports both the European, the North American and Korean market requirements. Marben is the worldwide leader of V2X software with an objective of at least 20 millions new cars with “Marben inside” each year starting 2020. Further information is available on the Internet at