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Extensible Markup Language (XML) is widely adopted and used for exchanging electronic document and a large variety of data over the Internet. XML's self-describing format, human-readable and easy to process has made XML success and ubiquity in World Wide Web, information system applications and many other areas.

But today applications are dealing with more and more complex structured XML documents. Due to the verbosity of XML textual format, the size of those documents are larger and larger, resulting in more and more huge amount of XML data to process, to transfer or to store. Parsing, generating and accessing XML documents are inefficient and very CPU time consuming.

All these major drawbacks prevent the use of XML from exchanging data over narrow band communication channels or with resources-constrained systems such as, for instance, mobile devices, PDAs or real-time applications operating in mobile or satellite wireless environment. Finally most of enterprises notice that the use of XML impacts network performance and security. The current challenge is for enterprises to implement solutions with a correct level of XML efficiency and ensure their network performance and security.

To overcome those critical XML drawbacks and to broaden the scope and the performances of XML-based applications, Marben Products has developed MARBEN XSD Tools, a comprehensive set of tools to compact XML data and to speed up XML data processing. This product provides fast encoding of XML messages/documents into a highly compact binary format. The XSD Tools are taking benefit from the proven and mature ASN.1 technology, with a long record of reliability and intensive use in the field, that ensures interoperability. It uses schema-based compression methods that offer better size compression and faster processing than standard compression algorithms. It uses the knowledge of the structure, the content and the semantics of the XML (described in an XML schema) in order to compact the data.

MARBEN XSD Tools are available for C and Java programming languages.

MARBEN XSD Tools conform to ITU-T X.694 standard and support all XML Schema that conforms to the W3C XML Schema.

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