The Diameter Gateway for connecting the Charging Server to the host Mobile Network Operator.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) may host their own Charging Servers to apply their own charging and rating functions that give them a competitive advantage compare to their operator host thanks to such innovative or just different billing methods. They either rely on an Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs) or they can even host their own server and choose to connect directly their server to a point of connection of the host LTE Network.


A leading MVNO needed to connect to Sprint IMS-based network through a Diameter Ro interface that has been opened by the operator host for charging. This MVNO is running its own Charging Server to keep itself to stay on top of the competitive environment. But the server is a pure HTTP server without any other telecommunication interface other than HTTP/HTTPs. The OCS is running on high available architecture based on pure web service distribution running locally but also on hosted server farm, application offers five 9s without large investment.
This customer did not want to embed a Diameter stack in each of its application. They would rather trust a gateway to run the Diameter Server and relay its diameter sessions and credit control information to the web-based OCS through HTTP rest request.
This MVNO has trusted MARBEN DiamX Gateway to quickly solve this mediation problem.

This Diameter Mediation Gateway runs a Diameter Server and handles interconnectivity between Diameter Sessions from Host Mobile Network Operator to MCNO through HTTP Rest request
The Diameter Gateway relays Diameter Sessions to web-based OCS

Customer Benefit

MARBEN DiamX Gateway has been remotely tested in two weeks in front of the MVNO OCS in customer site. Adaptation on the Rest interface has been proposed to ease the interconnection with its OCS. The overall solution of interconnecting the OCS and gateway has been tested one month after in the lab of the end Customer. AVP dictionary has been quickly but efficiently enhanced to cope with the 3GPP release handled by the host operator. Two weeks were required by our customer to get approval of the interconnection to its operator host.

Reduced risk

DiamX Gateway is field-hardened with well-proven interoperability:

  • over 10 years of experience delivering Diameter protocol technologies;
  • compliance with IETF, 3GPP and GMSA standard required here.

Integration Testing have been driven within the 2 weeks that was booked to get approval by the operator host Sprint. Marben gives an additional 24*7 support for the two weeks tests in MVNO lab.
DiamX Gateway offered easily extendable to add support for any standard or proprietary extensions.

Reduced Time-to-Connect

Solution was preinstalled in the customer preferred server.
Marben trained two key people with dedicated onsite training.
Diagnostics tools reduced investigation time and onsite test cycles

Flexible Integration Options

DiamX Gateway provides a modular architecture and a pay-as-you-grow licensing model that can face small traffic but hopefully growing one!!
DiamX Gateway was extensible to request an LDAP server for checking User data Information before forwarding the message to the OCS.

Carrier Grade Scale and Reliability

Hundreds of simultaneous peer connections are managed.
Redundancy includes 1:1.
Custom dictionary per route guaranties interoperability with various different peers.

World Class Support

Support team is staffed by senior engineers who developed DiamX Router.
Trainer was deeply connected with product manager, standard expert and software developers.
Marben has proposed an unlimited support with firm contractual response and resolution times.

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