Marben Products Participates in SCORE@F

Marben Products participates in the French research project SCORE@F. The project has been initiated in 2010 with the participation of Renault, Peugeot, road operators, public authorities and various other companies. The principal objective is to prepare deployment of Cooperative ITS (C-ITS). Cooperative ITS uses new wireless Car To Car (Vehicle To Vehicle, V2V) and Vehicle To Infrastructure (V2I) communication technologies to share information between cars, infrastructures, central servers and personal devices, ITS-G5. The wireless communication for ITS-G5 is based on IEEE 802.11p in the 5.9 GHz band. The geonetworking protocol is used for dissemination of data in a geographical area.

Different kind of information will be shared and exchanged. Normal passenger cars will mainly broadcast highly dynamic data, for example their current position, speed and direction. Surrounding vehicles may then calculate the risk of collisions and give feedback to the driver if required. Emergency vehicles trigger traffic light controllers and instruct surrounding vehicles to move aside to clear the way. Road side units and road works stations will be able to communicate on the exact position of dangerous locations and send speed limitations. These are just some of many examples to increase road safety and improve traffic management.

Solutions developed by the SCORE@F project have been developed and tested on various national roads and highways. Contributions are made to the different standardization organizations like ETSI TC ITS and CEN/ISO.

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