x25 IP, the passage of the torch is engaged

Widely deployed between the 80’s and 90’s, x25 is a standardized communication protocol in packet switching that defines how connections between user and network devices are established and maintained. It operates effectively independently of the type of systems connected to the network. Well known for its efficiency and security, it has been chosen by Telecom, financial institutions and by many network providers. With the emergence of new technologies, x25 is being abandoned in favor of IP.

How to migrate from x25 to IP?

To follow the evolution of technology, all companies want to develop applications that require high transmission stream. To do this, most of them partially abandon x25 to migrate to IP. Even if x25 was more secure IP takes the lead.

Less expensive and more flexible and easier to implement, IP has captivated the business world. Moreover, with the deployment of XOT ant X25 to IP translation device and router, it's not complicated to migrate from x25 to IP. To do this, you can encapsulate or translate the native x25 flow to IP for all TCP/IP applications in order to optimize their performance. Then just carry x25 flows through IP networks without any equipment modification reassure.

Migrate with confidence x25 protocol to IP with Marben solutions

The solutions proposed by Marben Products, a leader in the field of telecommunications, allow you to perform the x25 IPmigration cheaply. Indeed, you have the opportunity to maintain existing applications as well as the parameters x25 terminals and sites. His expertise and experience in the industry have allowed him to propose solutions that meet the needs of telecommunications operators and Internet, particularly in terms of network management.

Marben Products is able to help you at every step of the x25 IP migration. Many banks, Telecom manufacturer and carriers have already opted for this solution.

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