X.25, a legacy protocol still used by Telecom, Banking and many other sectors

Marben X.25 solutions are ITU-T compliant - Conforms to CCITT X.25 1980, 1984, 1988.

The X.25 protocol allows data transmission. It is used by many telecommunications companies. Marben is a leading provider of software-based on X.25 protocol mainly used in OSI environments and core Telecom network.

X.25 is a reliable protocol for the transmission and exchanges of computer data.

X.25 network is phasing out in favor of TCP/IP. But there are still a lot of legacy systems that only support X.25 connectivity. Solutions have to be deployed in order to connect those legacy systems to TCP-IP network.

Marben provides X.25 to TCP/IP gateway and software solutions to help you upgrade your platform but keeping connected to your X.25 equipment through a TCP/IP backbone network.

Marben brings you cost effective solution for doing X.25 to TCP/IP migration and to save cost for X.25 lease lines that are more and more expensive.

Through software using X.25, data transfers were secured and safe, this is why telecommunications companies chose to integrate systems using X.25 in them critical networks. X.25 is still largely deployed. Marben helps customers that want to get rid of X.25 backbone network and so decrease their operating cost to migrate to TCP/IP by providing X.25 to TCP/IP gateway solution.

Marben, a reliable partner for your X.25 to TCP/IP migration

Marben has over 25 years experience in the design and supply of software for managing the problems facing communication networks. Marben has the confidence of business leaders in their respective fields. Nokia Siemens Networks, Ericsson and several companies specializing in telecommunications and defense have used Marben services.

Each year, over 40,000 Marben stack/software solutions are deployed to its customers fields. The latter are found on every continent. The company is one of the global players in the management of telecommunications infrastructure.

If you want to hire an expert in telecommunications infrastructure, Marben offers the expertise of its engineers and the most effective software solutions.

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