X.25 to TCP/IP migration to decrease operating cost

X.25 to TCP/IP coupled with low-cost computer systems provides to organizations the opportunity to significantly reduce costs relative to X.25 link. Launched more then 30 years ago, X.25 is one of the most predominant legacy networks. Widely deployed, it is the network chosen in many domains such as Telecom, financial institutions as providing a vey robust error checking. With the emergence of new technologies, X.25 begins to be abandoned in favor of TCP/IP a more and more reliant for high rated communication.

Why X.25 to TCP/IP migration?

Whether or not there is resistance to convert from X.25 to TCP/IP it will become inevitable. In order to follow the evolution of technology, all companies want to develop applications requiring high transmission stream. To do this, most of them partially abandon X.25 to migrate to TCP / IP.

TCP/IP is simpler, more flexible and less costly to implement and to manage than X.25. In addition, with the deployment of XOT router and X.25 to TCP/IP mapping gateways, it is not difficult to migrate from X.25 to TCP/IP. To use XOT, it is necessary to encapsulate the required X.25 flow in XOT and transfer all applications to IP in order to optimize their performance. Then it is just a matter of carrying X.25 flows through safe IP networks.

Migrate with confidence from X.25 to TCP/IP thanks to Marben solutions

The solutions proposed by Marben, a leader in the field of network management software in telecommunications, allow you to easily perform the X.25 to TCP/IP migration. In fact, you can keep unchanged existing applications as well as the X.25 configurations of your remote systems. Marben expertise and experience in the sector have enabled us to offer solutions that meet the needs of telecommunications and internet operators, particularly in terms of network management.

Marben Products is able to assist you at every stage of the migration. Many banks have opted for this solution to mention only Barclays, Chase Manhattan Bank, or the Royal Bank of Canada but also many Telecom companies such as Swisscom, Alcatel, Ericsson use such a solution.

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