RSVP-TE for fast provisioning of transport pipe in the network

RSVP-TE is a protocol for transmission of computer data that prevents effective communication break-ups. Marben offers an up-to-date RSVP-TE protocol stack that conforms to the most of the RFC validated at IETF.

RSVP-TE, for optimum resiliency of the data transmission within a traffic engineered network

Recent years saw the boom of smartphones as well as the democratization of the internet – almost all households are now connected to the Internet. All this is not without consequences for telecommunication networks. Companies must deal with common problems of breakdowns and cut, partly due to increased traffic on their core networks.

Only technological solutions can solve these complications which tend to grow due to the high number of users that pass through the channels of communication. The only option for companies is to integrate control plane in the network: Marben is the leading company for all matters concerning the development of software solutions in this area.

Marben is a company that offers solutions based on RSVP-TE. Unlike other protocols such as OSPF or BGP, RSVP-TE protocol avoids breaks in data transmission through a "relief road". RSVP-TE is remarkable for its optimal management of networks.

Marben provides technologies that allow IT companies to solve quickly and effectively all problems related to communications infrastructure.

Marben, a reliable partner in the management of network problems

Marben enjoys the trust of many big IT companies including Nokia Siemens Networks or the telecommunications specialist Ericsson. Companies working in the Professional Mobile Radio sector as well as major players in the specialized field of photonics switch are also part of its customers.

In addition, the company has 25 years of expertise in network management. Each year it provides thousands of software solutions that assist in locating faults affecting the telecommunications infrastructure. Marben also offers products dedicated to discovery protocols and bandwidth management.

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