What is the PCEP protocol?

PCEP is a signaling protocol used to optimize the management and control of the optical and the transport packet network. This new protocol enables communication between a Path Computation Element (PCE) in charge to compute the path or the optical trail and a PCC (Path Computation Client) that might be nodes in the GMPLS architecture or a network management logical function.

Features of PCEP, the path computation protocol

First, PCEP is first a simple client server protocol where the main request contains a path request with the constraints and the requirements information and the answer mainly contains the trail through the list of hops and resource identifier on each of its hops. The PCEP protocol has been enriched per specific field due to the various technology used in the transport network
Thus, this new protocol was developed in order to guarantee that only one network element is in charge of the path computation to ensure the confidentiality of such critical information per administrative domains.

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