OSPF-TE, the most widely used protocol in Traffic-Engineered networks

Each carrier has its own solutions to manage its network. One can use a basic planning tool with a static traffic engineering or used standard protocols such as OSPF-TE to enable a dynamic control of its networks.

Features of OSPF-TE

Open Shortest Path First-Traffic Engineering or OSPF-TE is a control plane protocol used by transport carriers to manage their packet MPLS or MPLS-TP based networks or their optical network. OSPF-TE is an extension of OSPF, it runs also on TCP/IP on the signaling control network. OSFP-TE is in charge to advertise the traffic engineering information among all the nodes that are part of the same administrative domain. Any change of bandwidth availability or any link failure or disruption is instantly shared between all the nodes in order to manage the network with a fine and accurate information. It is applicable on any transport technologies from the optical fiber cross-switch, the OTN switch or the MPLS-TP/ PBB-TE networks. OSPF-TE is the most common IGP protocol in telecommunication networks. It also helps develop a QOS based plan for routing information in Internet networks.

Marben solutions for OSPF-TE

Marben is specialized in developing software for telecommunications companies and Internet providers. Whatever the technology used in your company, our teams will be able to design applications that you really need. With the protocol OSPF-TE, for example we can implement solutions for resiliency and fast provisioning.

With our solutions you can provide better benefits to your customers such as providing a high throughput while making them immune to saturation. In case of network failure or your hardware, Marben software allows you to intervene in the shortest possible time, your subscribers without having to suffer.

Finally, our software is scalable and adaptable to all new technologies. You can use to develop your networks on a larger area while optimizing operating costs. Marben also offers powerful solutions based on others GMPLS protocols e.g PCEP, ISIS-TE, RSVP-TE and OSPF-TE to help you easily manage the customer network and quickly resolve problems that might occur.

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