OSI transport for secure and reliable exchange

OSI transport is one of the seven layers of the OSI protocol.

The OSI reference architecture defines the notion of "Layer" in a communication stack. The aims are to identify the functionalities assumed by a communication stack, to regroup functionalities in a coherent set called “layer”, to define the role of every layer, to define interfaces for services, to ease interoperability and to allow reutilization.

The OSI transport layer is responsible for a reliable data transfer as well as multiplexing and reassembling the data. The OSI transport layer is fully specified in ISO 8073 standard.

There are five different classes of OSI transport layers. Class 1 and Class 3 are not used. OSI transport Class 0 does not offer either multiplexing or error recovery mechanism. Class 0 can be used on reliable, homogeneous and error-reporting networks such as X.25 or TCP/IP network. In addition to Class 0, OSI transport Class 2 offers the multiplexing of transport connections over a single Network connection and a flow control mechanism. In addition to Class 2, OSI transport Class 4 offers resiliency to network connection failures or resets, support of connectionless network, data retransmission, protection against PDU misordering, transport connection monitoring, checksum of user data or flow control at the Transport layer. OSI transport Class 4 is often used on unreliable or heterogeneous network topologies (e.g., LAN) and over connectionless network.

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