OSI TCP, for improved network connection

OSI TCP is a computer interconnection protocol more sophisticated than the TCP / IP. It lets you transfer computer data in tranquility.

OSI TCP allows you to ensure quality connectivity between multiple computers. For better use of this computer interconnection protocol, you should first become familiar with the TCP / IP.

OSI TCP offers the capability to encapsulate OSI traffic in TCP/IP or vie-versa. OSI TCP also provides capabilities to run OSI upper layers on top of TCP/IP network using RFC1006 standard.

A protocol with quality OSI TCP Marben

If you aspire to a better management of your networked computers connected rely on the expertise of Marben. Our company has worked for over 25 years in network management solutions. It provides sophisticated and high performance telecommunication software. Renowned companies have trusted us for several years, including Tellabs, Adtran and Ericsson. Marben offers solutions for open systems interconnection, management and control plane solution.
For a quality network management system, Marben offers various software solutions to meet diverse constraints like the rapid increase in the number of computers to connect. It also proposes various software solutions for better transfer of information between the connected machines.

Marben offers seduce the professional with their performance and reliability. Marben provides fully personalized services to all its customers.

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