Marben offers various OSI TCP/IP solutions either to run OSI network over TCP-IP or to run TCP-IP over an OSI network. Those solutions conform to ITU-T G.7712 and rely on tunneling TCP/IP traffic into OSI network or vie-versa.
These OSI TCP/IP solutions are often required for the management of network equipment. In order to reach network equipment, a Network Management System may have to cross different kind of networks.

Marben also offers OSI TCP/IP solution based on RFC1006. This IETF RFC specifies how to map OSI upper layers onto a TCP/IP connection.

Marben, the benchmark for software solutions for network management

For easy management of your networked computers and transfer of information on the Internet, trust Marben. Our company has over 25 years of experience in network management and control plane solutions. It provides its customers with solutions that enable effective interoperability. Many well-known companies have trusted Marben for several years, including Ericsson, NEC, Tellabs, Adtran, Ciena or Oracle. In terms of software solutions for control plane and network management, Marben is the reference.

Marben has earned the trust of most major players in the telecommunications sector through the quality of its products and the excellence of its services.

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