OSI stack to ensure communication between heterogeneous systems.

The OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) stack is a set of protocols that enables communication and data exchange between computers or computer systems. With the proliferation of networks and the needs of increasingly complex challenges they must meet, the use of the OSI stack model is becoming increasingly common.

OSI stack is a protocols stack that allows data exchange.

OSI stack is a combination of seven protocols that work together to ensure the data processing. Perfectly organized and structured within the OSI model, protocols involved in a specific order which prevents conflicts and ensures the completion of each operation.

With its architecture divided into seven layers, which each perform a specific function, the OSI model ensures the full and faithful transmission of all data that passes through the model. It is based on this system that the successful communication between devices on a network, and by extension, between different networks, enables us to exchange data worldwide.

Marben dominates the world market based on OSI stack software

Considering the complexity and highly technical skills required to manage these networks, the use of software delivery is essential.

Marben is the undisputed leader on the global development of innovative applications and effective for the optimization of technical results, combined with a significant reduction in costs associated with installing infrastructure

Marben reputation is well established and the different types of solutions that we develop, known for their performance, goes around the world and are used by all telephone networks and other infrastructure using advanced technologies.

Trust the 25 years of experience and expertise of Marben to develop a software solution based on the OSI stack model.

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