OSI protocol, an effective network solution

OSI protocol is a powerful set of protocols that enables the efficient exchange of data.

OSI protocol is widely deployed.

The use of a set of protocols for the interoperability of systems is essential for a successful network connection to multiple computers. In 1984, computer experts have developed the OSI protocol. The OSI protocol has been superseded by the famous TCP/IP.

While TCP/IP runs on five layers, OSI protocol manages the exchange of data using seven distinct layers. Session and Presentation layers do not exist in the TCP/IP where the Application layer directly relies on the TCP service.

OSI protocol attracted both by its performance and ease of use. This protocol is effective in limiting transmission errors as to transfer from machine to machine.

Marben, specialist of solutions based on OSI protocol

Marben is helping professionals who want to manage as efficiently as possible their network and offers them sophisticated solutions based on OSI protocol. It also offers in conjunction other software solutions allowing you to effectively manage your network.

For all your network management software needs, you can contact Marben. Our company has been excelling for more than 25 years in the design of software solutions for these specific areas. It is the preferred supplier of renowned firms such as Nokia, Ericsson, Ciena, Tellabs, Adtran or HP.

Marben constantly ensures the quality of its products and services. Software solutions offered by Marben contribute to the success and performance of thousands of businesses worldwide.

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