Networking solutions based on OSI model

OSI model is a set of protocols used to secure the management of existing networks. It is a model for communication between computers that describes the features essential for communication and organization of these functions.

OSI model communication solution

At the age of globalization, communication is a key sector of the economy. The complexity of networks and related uses of communication technologies creates a need to find solutions adapted to each use. Not only information and data transported is growing exponentially, but the number of users of these applications and their variety of networks requires reliable, secure and fluids.

The OSI model has been designed to meet these requirements. Mobile telephony and Internet require a very strict management of networks, thus the important role occupied by OSI specifications. These correspond to two kinds of constraint: the need for optimization of resources to meet real time needs of the user and the requirement for a rapid resolution of problems that may arise in order to not affect the user and not disrupt the entire network.

The leader in OSI model networking solutions

Marben is the leading provider of software solutions based on OSI model. We justify more than 25 years of experience in the field, giving us a status as a leader and expert in this area. Large groups of telecommunication such as Fujitsu, Nokia Siemens Networks or Cisco trust us. We work closely with leading companies in the technology and operating in the telecommunications, aerospace, defense and automotive sectors.

In addition to networking solutions based on OSI model, Marben also provides answers to various applications such as Control Plane which reduces operational costs of about 85% compared to a non-automated management. Marben offers other solutions such as Diameter, ASN.1, GMPLS Control Plane that fit the needs of each user and each use. Thus, annually, Marben deploys more than 40,000 software solutions all around the world.

So do not hesitate to turn to Marben, the acknowledged expert in the field and test the performance of its OSI model solutions.

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