OSI layer Description

OSI layer allow communications between heterogeneous systems. The whole purpose of the OSI layer is to ensure the openness of the exchanges.

The OSI layer model has been standardized in ISO/IEC 7498-1 document by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) in order to allow communications between heterogeneous systems. It defines seven layers. Each layer is responsible for a set of specific processing in the communication system.

Ensure the openness of the data exchanges on your network

With the OSI layer model, you can connect two devices and overcome potential conflicts. Communication Systems based on OSI layer has been widely used in several areas such as the management of wireless or optical networks.

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Marben Products specializes in providing software solutions for telecommunications market. We are the worldwide leader for software network protocol stacks based on the OSI layer model. Major telecommunication equipment manufacturers use our OSI layer product for the management of their wireless or optical network.

With our OSI layer solutions, you can exchange data with other servers, regardless of the systems they use. All our solutions are versatile, and it is possible to modify or improve them as and when they are used. Thousands of our OSI layer products are distributed annually. Our OSI layer product enjoys a solid reputation of robustness, reliability and efficiency.

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