Optical control plane, a control solution for an efficient optical network

Optical control plane provides effective control of the operation of switches networks on a given network. Optical control plane may also intervene automatically in case of failure in the heart of this core network with a long set of recovery mechanism such as preplanned rerouting or 1:1 protection with extra traffic.

Optical control plane, for a satisfactory management of the connection in a particular network

When setting up a network system, carriers and network operating centers strive to have good control of each component of the system. While using optical control plane, such a fine control is enhanced with some resiliency mechanism that automate the reconfiguration of the network in case of failures.

In fact, Optical control plane is an intelligent software that ensures careful management of all elements at the heart of a network system. In reality, this software is capable of acting by itself if the proper system network vulnerabilities present. Optical control plane is able to automatically define the procedures for resolving problems. It thus plays a major role in the network resiliency.

Marben, a specialist of optical control plane

For the establishment of a plan for effective network control system, it is wise to rely on MARBEN optical control plane. The company offers intelligent solutions able to assist you in maintaining your network system. Due to market demands, more and more IT companies are now attracted by optical control plane.

Marben is the professional contact for the purchase of efficient software solutions. World-renowned businesses trust this company like Tellabs, Nokia Siemens Networks, Fujitsu, NEC or Adtran. As a supplier of reference, Marben distributes more than 40,000 software solutions each year.

If you want other programs related to the management of the network in addition to the MARBEN optical control plane, feel free to contact Marben.

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