The MPLS protocols optimize network provisioning

MPLS protocols are the protocols that provide a standardized provisioning service in the MPLS transport. These protocols have been designed by IETF within a great consortium of all the major packet equipment vendors. Thanks to its large adoption, MPLS protocols ease the provisioning of any new end to end connection among networks built or merged with heterogeneous vendor equipment.

MPLS protocols, for increasing dynamicity and reliability of the network

MPLS or Multi-Protocol Label Switching is currently used by major operators of mobile telephony and by internet service provides to ensure quality of service and ease the traffic engineering of their transport network. Indeed, it greatly simplifies network management and data transport. It also is widely used by operators who need to automate the management of their MPLS networks.

MPLS protocols are the enabler of a fast provisioning of end-to-end connections within the network, offering the ideal dynamic and interoperable solution between different MPLS vendors. Thanks to the signaling, MPLS protocols enrich the network with sophisticated recovery mechanism that gives resiliency at low expense of physical resources. Routing minimizes the cost of the configuration of such network.

Marben, reliable solutions on MPLS protocols

Thanks to its 25 years of research and innovation in the field of telecommunication software solutions and network management, Marben has everything to meet the needs of telecommunications companies. Thus, the MPLS protocols solutions that Marben offers them, have all the innovations and safeguards necessary to meet the technical constraints of an optimal transport networks.

Working closely with leading companies, Marben uses its expertise and know-how to adapt the results of its research for various applications and developments of compelling data transport and network management.

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