LLDP, a simple and efficient link layer discovery protocol

The Link Layer Discovery protocol (LLDP) is a protocol used by network devices for advertising resource identities and capabilities to their neighbors within the same LAN. Extended with LLDP TLVs for optical technology, can be used as an assistance protocol for efficient optical networking discovery procedure within a carrier grade network.

LLDP, for a better inventory management of the network

Perfect knowledge of the inventory of a given network is critical to professionals. This allows among others to evaluate the actual performance of the network and avoid any waste of resources due to misconfiguration of devices. LLDP protocol is the most appropriate link layer protocol to keep a coherent and exact view of the resource of the network.

Issued from the 802.1AB IEEE standard, LLDP is a vendor neutral solution for advertising capabilities and resource identification between adjacent nodes. LLDP is really similar to proprietary protocols from Cisco, Nortel or Microsoft but as neutral solution is not limited to the scope of the same vendor equipment.

Complete control plane Solutions eased with MARBEN LLDP

Marben is a global provider of control plane software. Based on MARBEN LLDP, the discovery of the control plane identifiers is greatly eased, the deployment of new equipment is secured through automated discovery procedures. Marben with LLDP solutions, you are immune to various risks such as human misconfigurations or incorrect initial setups thanks to valuable information supplied by LLDP.

Marben is a benchmark in the development and distribution of software solutions for computer experts and telephony. Many equipment vendors are happy with their performance, to name just Adtran, Ciena, Ericsson, Fujitsu, HP, Oneaccess or Tellabs. Each year, Marben manages to sell about 40,000 software solutions worldwide.

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