LDP pseudowire, for data transmission in heterogeneous networks

LDP pseudowire is a technology that enables telecommunications companies to cope with problems of heterogeneous transport technology in the metro and core network.

LDP pseudowire, guaranteeing efficient data transmission

Smartphones, PCs and touch pads need efficient telecommunications infrastructure to operate. Greater pressure weighs on the networks, causing all sorts of problems.

Telecommunication companies must face increasingly frequent network problems. For this, they must turn to companies able to solve problems of network congestion and bandwidth allocation. Marben is one of the few companies that have all the technologies needed to solve these problems.

Marben is a major player in the field of label distribution protocol. It provides telecommunication groups LDP pseudowire based software solutions that allow them to address issues of label mapping that may appear within an MPLS network. With these technologies, the end user no longer has to worry about the problems of redundancy.

Marben, a leading company in the design of software solutions

Marben is a global player who distributes thousands of software solutions annually. Several large groups trust Marben proven expertise. Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia Siemens Networks among others are trusting Marben services. LDP pseudowire is also commonly used in the access network.

Marben software solutions are numerous. Some are protocols such as GMPLS, supervision protocols or even AAA protocol e.g. Diameter, others are toolkits for data management. Marben has 25 years of experience in helping telecom vendors and carriers to operate their complex network. Recognized as a leader in its field, Marben is a part of various standard development organizations including the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, the Broadband Forum, the optical Interoperability forum and actively participates into the Internet Engineering Task Force.

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