Label distribution protocol to meet the operators needs

Label distribution protocol (LDP) offers telecommunications operators effective tools for advertising the label mapping into the network.

Label distribution protocol, an efficient protocol

The Label distribution protocol (LDP) is used to build and maintain an LSP database for LSR to route traffic through MPLS networks. Networks are complex and move high volumes of data, the greater the need to benefit from an efficient protocol for reliable exchange of information and the more it increases their fluidity.

Indeed, technologies that require complex networks such as mobile telephony or internet are increasingly present in everyday life. Households are more concerned with their use, particularly in remote monitoring and home networking among others. Recognizing this growing need, the Marben group provides offerings to meet the most specific needs of telecommunications carriers.

Marben, for a reliable, robust and efficient Label distribution protocol

With over a quarter century of experience in the networking and telecommunications software, Marben offers its MARBEN Label distribution protocol (LDP) solution to give an edge to operators who use it. They are thus provided with a standardized protocol that adapts to the multiple uses of each.

MARBEN Label distribution protocol (LDP) solutions have undergone various improvements in recent years to get in step with developments in the field and apply directly to better network management. As a true leader in the development of protocols stack, Marben continues to work in the provision of solutions that are more embedded, more flexible and reliable.

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