GMPLS, a set of protocols that facilitates the management of telecommunication networks

The Generalized Multi Protocol Label Switching or GMPLS is the extension of MPLS control plane applied to the optical and transport network in general. It is used by transport carriers to facilitate the configuration and the controls in the core networks. Such flexibility of the core network enables dynamic link of the inter connection of enterprise networks or phone switch networks.

Why use GMPLS?

Network managers are tasked to operate their network, and also to maintain and control it. To facilitate control operations and to optimize response time, they must establish a single control structure from the physical to the network layer. Currently, the implementation of the GMPLS protocols seems the best solution to facilitate these operations with a great agility. This is used to improve the efficiency of the relying transport network and rationalize the organization of the packet networks.

The professional who supports you in creating your network control solutions

To help you in establishing control processes in your networks, Marben has developed special software with the GMPLS protocols. Our solutions are highly efficient, and help improve the performance of your transport networks. Our services are aimed at mobile operators or fixed and large companies with very large networks. We can produce custom applications and comply with your specifications.

We also provide maintenance services to keep on running your systems even in case of hardware failure. Our interventions are timely and tailored to your facilities. So trust us not to suffer the network saturation or bugs that could put your business at risk.

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