GMPLS UNI, for high bandwidth data transmissions on demand

Telecommunications companies see GMPLS UNI and OIF UNI as a promising future. GMPLS UNI can manage the setting of on-demand data transmission within the core network of the carrier. Marben is a protocol software publisher of User-to Network-Interface software that supports GMPLS UNI as designed at IETF or OIF UNI as designed in conjunction with the OIF and the ITU-T. Such GMPLS UNI has been even used to request optical path such as Optical Chanel OCh through a network that is cross-connected at the lambda layer.

GMPLS UNI, a reasonable tradeoff for connecting a carrier’s network

As the computer industry progresses, telecommunication infrastructures are asked to support new services with Quality of Services, high availability and low jitter. New confidentiality problems then arise on networks as carriers start sharing topology information with each others. Now, companies are forced to cope with these difficulties of hiding their network resource as critical information for competing. To do this, they must resort to innovative solutions such as a GMPLS UNI.

Marben is one of the major players involved in the design of software to solve issues related to excess of network traffic through a fine control of the network. Also complications can result in repeated failures and unexpected slowdown in data transmissions. In addition for managing these problems dynamically, Marben also works to reduce operational costs of telecommunications companies. Software solutions based on GMPLS UNI are designed to meet all these goals.

Marben, a global player enjoying the confidence of the largest groups

Marben has acquired 25 years of experience in the field of software development in the field of optical network management. Several major companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Fujitsu, NEC and Nokia Siemens Networks are using the technologies that we have developed. The customer portfolio of Marben is not just actors working in telecommunications. The defense sector as well as the Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) sector also uses Marben software. This reliability is reflected in particular by the thousands of Marben software solutions sold each year.

Marben provides various operators with MARBEN GMPLS UNI, but also with MARBEN GMPLS I-NNI and E-NNI based software enable them to optimize optical network management and resiliency.

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