Description of GMPLS protocols

The GMPLS protocols (Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching) are the protocols used by Internet Service Providers and carriers to enable the implementation of a unified and agile control plane over their heterogeneous networks. Thus, with this new concept, it can handle the optical, the aggregation and the overall packet layers.

Operation of GMPLS protocols

Full control facilities of IP/MPLS packet networks require the use of MPLS control plane. Those protocols are particularly used for WAN IP networks. The GMPLS protocols were developed to extend the operation of MPLS. More efficient, this protocol can support multiple types of switching capabilities, the packet handled by the IP/MPLS and PBB-TE, time slots switching, port switching and optical wavelength switching.

To this end, the GMPLS protocols allow among others to compute bidirectional paths, to establish and manage optical circuits. In addition, those protocols enable additional optical services. This is the automatic reconfiguration of network traffic as required, the dynamic management of the wavelength, the automatic restoration of optical transmission or the dynamic optical VPN.

Software solutions for efficient network management

Marben Products is a leading player in the field of software development management of telecommunications protocols and internet. Featuring twenty-five years of experience, it has proven its expertise in application development. This earned him the trust of many major equipment vendors in the industry such as Nokia Siemens Networks, Alcatel-Lucent or Ericsson.

The GMPLS protocols proposed by Marben Products automate tasks related to network control and thus optimize the quality of services provided to users.

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