GMPLS control plane, the solution for effective control of the network

The GMPLS control plane optimizes the management of a network in real time. The data transport efficiency is thus greatly facilitated by this reliable provisioning solution.

The GMPLS control plane for proactive network

With the proliferation of mobile phone users and internet, it is essential for companies operating in these sectors to find solutions to carefully manage their networks. Various solutions are available, but must still have fast and reliable tools that meet a growing need for performance.

Not only users are increasing, but the applications they use are diversifying into infinity, especially for their business needs. To effectively meet their expectations, it is important to have an efficient network management. The use of GMPLS control plane can gain speed in data transport configuration and therefore to reduce costs in both CAPEX and OPEX.

Marben offers a reliable solution

Working closely with leading manufacturers of optical equipment, Marben has developed the software solution GMPLS control plane. It provides the necessary bridges between IP and optical layers to provide a smooth and resilient traffic and uncluttered. It therefore meets their expectations and presents a product that fully conforms to international standards.

25 years of experience in the field of telecommunications software give Marben expert status and the team is still listening to the needs of industry players by providing frequent updates of products. Timeliness, cost and reliability are the advantages offered by Marben in its GMPLS control plane software solution.

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