Ftam, a software solution useful and practical to collect legacy telecom switches at low-cost

Ftam is a protocol that is part of the family of OSI protocols. It facilitates file transfer in an OSI network environment and is frequently used to collect CDR from legacy Telecom switches.

Ftam is an application designed to streamline file exchanges. Ftam is the most often used solution in the Telecom core network.

Ftam is commonly used to retrieve, transfer and exchange CDR files between telecom switches, network elements, mediation and billing system.

Ftam in conjunction with FTP is frequently used in the framework of X.25 to TCP/IP migration, especially for CDR Collection by the mediation platforms or by a dedicated collector.

Legacy telecom switches are still staying a reliable and sources of profit. Why changing those switches by new ones that are very expensive as you can still continue collecting them CDR using MARBEN FTAM OSI CDR Collection.

The existence of a common base, over which information and files of various types are shared, is of great importance for efficient exchanges. Unfortunately, without the use of appropriate tools and powerful software solutions, implementation of a controlled and efficient FTAM CDR files transfer cannot be effective.

Ftam (File Transfer Access Management) is a protocol designated to help companies forced to manage complex networks. With this application it becomes easier to retrieve, transfer and exchange any files such as CDR files between telecom switches, network elements, mediation platform and billing systems, supervision and management platforms. It also offers the ability to control and secure the data exchanged on different systems. However, with changing technologies, some applications running on Ftam over X.25, tend to be replaced by ftp over TCP / IP networks.

Marben existing solutions based on FTAM OSI stack ease X.25 to IP migration and CDR collection

Currently, IP protocol is in line to replace the X.25 in Wide Area Network. Marben has designed solutions for a smooth transition between these two technologies. These solutions are able to handle the majority of migration. They have also been implemented to introduce only a minimal impact on the existing infrastructure of companies that use them.

Marben has designed FTAM cost effective solutions to replace your existing old platform with the latest one but still inter-connecting with existing legacy network elements that doesn’t need to be changed. In this framework Marben provides progressive solutions to help you migrate from X.25 to TCP/IP gradually at low cost.

Be aware that a large number of applications requiring Ftam and using X.25 networks still exist in many structures. Marben software solutions reduce cost and increase efficiency through updated tools and new solutions fitting all network configuration.

Marben is the ideal partner to solve all the problems with software running on Ftam. Marben provides efficient FTAM solution satisfying your needs.

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