Diameter stack to connect the internet everyday

The Diameter stack is a key component of the modern telecommunication equipment. This recent protocol is deeply used by mobile operators to allow their mobile subscribers to access the Internet through various service and subscription fees. All manufacturers select this standard as it has been selected for both the fixed networks and the mobile network from different generation 3G and 4G.

The Diameter stack is indeed deeply embedded into the Home Subscriber Server, the mobile operator customer database, the Call Session Controller function (C-SCF) the orchestrator of your mobile call in the mobile network and the Application Servers (AS) where all intelligent application are running in the network to enable you to live your internet experience.

How to have an internet connection from a mobile phone?

Mobile operators are all further developing their connectivity offers. The voice based application is about to be abandoned, they are now focusing on Internet services. The applications they use exploit a key Diameter stack, which allows them to let their subscribers make data transfers at the speed they have purchased. Each mobile operator may have specific needs or performance requirements for this type of service, it is thus imperative to retain the services of professionals such as the Marben Group.

Marben, developer of telecommunications solutions

For decades, Marben developers are available for equipment vendor and system integrators to tailor solutions to their needs. To allow users to access websites and access to all data types (text, videos, etc..). On their cell phones, it is essential that each operator has a robust and efficient Diameter stack that conforms to all standards and interfaces definition. Marben products are very reliable.

Your needs may develop progressively according to the changing technology and so Marben offers flexible and adaptable solutions with other applications you use.

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