Diameter SIP, for a better management of multimedia sessions

Diameter SIP are the two protocols recommended for the development of any project on software application within the LTE mobile network. Diameter SIP guarantee completely secure content and information exchange within the different network functions of the Evolved Packet Core network of the mobile operator.

Diameter SIP, multimedia communications under control

For calls made simultaneously with a mobile phone and a computer, a session management protocol and authorized protocols are both required. Diameter SIP protocols were created to meet the operator demands to promote multimedia communications.

Diameter SIP are the two successful IETF protocols ensuring the establishment of multimedia communication sessions. It enables user authentication and sound communication through various end system and telephone codec. Among the types of multimedia services requiring the use of Diameter SIP protocols are VoIP, RV type simulators, video conferencing or sending electronic messages.

Diameter SIP authenticates each user for virtual exchanges requiring the use of telephones and computers. It can still improve performance and good management of standards such as 3G and LTE/4G.

Trust Marben for the most appropriate protocol software

Marben is the professional to contact for software solutions ensuring better session management for multimedia communications. This professional has twenty years of experience in software design. Firms world-renowned in the field of telecommunication trust us, among other Cisco, NEC, GenBand, Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks, Alcatel and BroadHop.

Marben provides its customers with innovative software solutions based on Diameter SIP protocols e.g. a pre-integrated HSS application, or an HSS emulator.

You are looking for powerful software for your other projects related to telecommunications and network management? Marben offers sophisticated accessories and personalized assistance.

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