Diameter Sh for an application based mobile network

Diameter Sh is the selected interface for a perfect connection between the Application Server and mobile Home Subscriber Server in the IMS based network. Very similar to the Dh Interface, it provides subscriber information to the application server in order to apply an intelligent service based process of the call or the data connection.
Diameter Sh interface must support high traffic to sustain the challenge of the growing number of subscriber. Call at every service activation, Dh interface triggers at least two exchanges for performing the complete authorization.

Diameter Sh, as a Diameter Authorization based interface

Diameter Sh is an interface of the Diameter-based protocol. This interface is specifically dedicated for the setup of a system of information exchange between mobile application servers and Home subscriber servers. Diameter Sh is thus essential for any major actor of the Telecom industry. On one side , it also allows to easily create new multimedia services and thus, effective management of these new services in the Evolved Packet Core. On the other side, it differentiates two Home Subscriber Servers per its performance to manage a large volume of Diameter messages.

To promote their activities, the mobile operators are moving more towards the creation of multimedia services. MARBEN Diameter sh gives them the opportunity to materialize their projects in a very short time.

MARBEN Diameter Sh experience

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MARBEN Diameter Sh supports TS 29.328, Sh Interface over the Diameter protocol, Release 7, Release 8 and Release 10.
Marben guarantees excellence and performance in each of its products. It will thus be easier for you to create new multimedia solutions and implement new services in your telecom network.

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